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"Come, come we make you a good price"
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          Compliments That Made Our Socks Blush

          I really liked the fact that everything is made in Israel
          My mother has family in the US, she bought them socks for Hanukkah, and it was the perfect gift for a Jewish-American family!

          Ilana Tziben
          Psychologist and Coffee Artist

          The patterns are so special, I couldn't find these socks anywhere else

          Nitai Kupfer

          Beautiful and high-quality socks

          Reut Ben David

          amazing and iconic. I get a lot of compliments from friends, and old people that seem to like the fact I know who Golda is

          Lihi Rosenblatt
          Highschool Student

          I liked the idea behind the socks, and especially the fact that they are made in Israel.
          The socks are very comfortable and high quality. Every time I wear them someone asks me where did I buy it


          The socks are perfect!! We bought the whole family!
          It was the best gift

          Pnina Lev Ari

          The colors of the socks are great
          Crazy patterns
          very comfortable website ❤️

          Liat Yumal

          the socks stay comfortable even after many washes❤️

          Yuval Rachamim

          I just got the three packs I ordered. everything got so quickly, less than 48 hours since I ordered. everything was so esthetic and thoughtful. I promise to keep telling people about you.

          Sharon Porat

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