Are socks male or female?

Are socks male or female?
Eliezer Ben Yehuda socks - revitalizing the Hebrew language

How do you say, beautiful socks or beautiful socks? New socks or new socks?

The question of whether socks are male or female has been rocking the country for years, and how fun it is that the Language Academy has finally put an end to the questioning!

Years ago the word sock was used only in the male gender. That is, the standard form was clean socks, not clean socks. After many years of confusion, in June 2021, the Academy of Languages ​​decided to allow the use of socks in the female form as well. In other words, your colorful socks can be both beautiful and impressive, both high-quality and pleasant, both long and stunning, both great and... you get the idea.

In any case, this is very happy news for Zionist socks lovers who will now be able to knit their favorite socks and not fail in their language.

Our truth is of course it really doesn't matter, that you have beautiful and stunning socks, long and short, the main thing is that they are socks and socks. 🧦


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